DJ John Tavar

DJ John Tavar is one of the owners of John Tavar 80.6.  Born in New York City, predominantly raised in East Harlem, New York. As a product of an impoverished immigrant mother on welfare and an anonymous father, he decided early on that he would beat the odds and become great.

At the age of seven, while listening to hip-hop, he concluded that music would be the vehicle he will use to acquire greatness. Deeply motivated by Russell Simmons and the success of Def Jam, he aspired to start his own company one day. In early 2007 at the age of 26, he did just that. Together with Tony Johnson, he is now the co-CEO of John Tavar 80.6.

About John Tavar 80.6

Founded in March 2007 in Brooklyn, New York, John Tavar 80.6 quickly established itself as a premier event hosting company. Through the vigorous promotion of highly esteemed parties and special events, it has garnered a reputation as a company committed to the best in entertainment.

John Tavar 80.6 recently added an independent record label division to its forte and plans to expand throughout the East Coast including Long Island, North Jersey, Philadelphia, Miami, Buffalo and Rochester, and the Caribbean, specifically the Dominican Republic. 

Mission Statement

John Tavar 80.6 is a promotional entertainment company committed to offering the best in entertainment through special event promotion as well as the endorsement of fresh, talented artists via its management department.

Upcoming Shows

Sat 4/21

4:00 pm Duran's Wedding

@  Allentown, PA





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